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Check your balance on Zot Account and find a summary of your information. Manage your housing, your payments and contact the team of University of California for students.

Zot Account : Login

To login into your student area of ZOT, you will be able to fill in your Student ID, Your UCI net ID and your password:

Login form

If your UCInetID is not already activated, please click on the blue link “OIT” on the Zot Account website.

You will need your student id

Online services of University of California, Irvine are made of mail, files, SNAP, WebReg and a large range of useful services to make your studies easier.
To activate your UCInetID, you have to click on “Activate My UCInetID”

UCInetID menu

When you did it, you have to choose your category in order to create your account on ZOT. Five profiles are a available on the University of California website:

  1. Student, Faculty and Staff
  2. Sponsored, Groups and Retirees
  3. Student Applicants
  4. Alumni
  5. Third Party

UCInetID activation

Activate your account online

To login, you must follow 4 steps. Firstly fill in your personal information:

  1. ID Number
  2. Birthday
  3. 4 last digits of your social security number

ID Number, Date of birth, Last 4 digits of social security

Secondly, choose your ZOT password. It’s recommended to secure your password with numbers and specials lettering.

Enter and confirm password

Step 3: Choose a security question in order to reset your password if you loose it. You have the choice between 10 questions. Be sure to remember the secret answer!

Select question

Password reset question

Last step is to accept the use policy of the Irvine University of California. Be sure to read the condition. Your ZOT Portal is available after your acceptance.


Congratulation, your ZOT account is now created. Enjoy the numerous services of Irvine University. Good luck with your studies in the Californian university.
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