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Wells Fargo Online Banking is a convenience that everyone should be taking advantage of, login now on wellsfargo.com, it has never been easier.

Wells Fargo home page

To set up your bank account, click on “Sign up now”

Creating your WellsFargo.com account

Creating your new Wells Fargo online account could not be simpler. Simply visit their website at wellsfargo.com and click “Sign Up Now”, where you’ll be asked to complete some easy steps:

  1. SSN
  2.  ATM No
  3. Email
  4. Username
  5. Password
Sign up online account

In order to open an online account, you just have to fill in your personal info

Make sure you don’t forget your username/password, as you’ll need them to login to your account (although you will also be able to set up password reset options for these situations) and subsequently make use of the features it offers. Should you forget this information, though, fear not – their experienced team of banking customer service agents will be on hand to assist.

What Wells Fargo can do for you

Once you’re registered for Wells Fargo’s online banking, you will be able to make use of the vast array of tools that they are able to offer you. After logging in, you may well be intimidated by what’s there, but it’s really quite simple. You can carry out a great number of functions, from the basic to the more advanced:

  • Statements
  • Make a deposit
  • Check deposit limits

You can even, should you so desire, handle your mortgage using the website, be that making a mortgage payment, consulting payment history or changing the plan altogether.

To surmise, the Wells Fargo website is a hugely convenient system, making a wide variety of banking tools available at your fingertips – all from the comfort of your computer.

Wells Fargo Bank

1105 Wooded Acres Dr, Waco, TX

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