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All the process to reach easily and safe in one’s UCI Zot account with few clicks! All the steps and ways to recover your username if you forget are presented here in a few lines. Just three clicks and here we go.

How access securely to his account Uci zot

To log in to your account UCI Zot you must open at first the login page. To access this page just go on the Zot Home page. This page is the login page Student Billing system of the University of California Irvine.

login UCI account

Log yourself into your UCI Zot account

To have access to one’s account uci zot, it is necessary to be registered at first to have a student ID, an UCInetID and a password It is this information you must enter in the login fields and confirm them before having access to your account uci. Once on the login page, you will see in the middle of this page, a form that must be completed.

Steps to follow for your Zot Account.

The three different fields to be completed are:

  • Student ID
  • UCInetID
  • Password

Besides these fields, you will have the button Login which will allow you to validate the information entered after filling the form.
The connection is thus made in four steps. The first step consists in filling the field “student ID”.
It is a question there of entering your username or your nickname. The second step consists in filling the field “UCInetID”.
Here you must enter the network identifier of the uci.
In the third step, you must fill the password field in which you go to enter your password.
The fourth step is the one of the validation.

In this stage you will have only to click on the login button and wait.
If the information entered in the three fields to be filled are correct then you can be logged into your account and manage it.
These are the four steps that compose the process of connection to an account UCI Zot.

Very simple and achievable in a few seconds. Follow scrupulously the instructions and reach your account securely.

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  1. Nordyke

    Former Account : I held an account with you in 2008. Currently, I am trying to repair my credit and since this account has been paid in full, I was hoping you could delete it from my credit report. I appreciate any assistance with this process.
    Thank you for your time,

  2. Malcolm

    Active account?? : Was wondering if m account was still t, for accepting eba deposits , please let me know??

  3. nation

    Cant find the link to login to my account

  4. Holcomb

    Question about my current bill : What is the $9.99 charge marked premium messaging for?