Paypal merchant

To improve your business, Paypal merchant account allowed the optimization of your payments means. 3 different options according to your needs, recurrent review: Login now.

How to login Paypal Merchant account?

Sign up for Paypal Personal and Business

If you have no paypal account, you have to sign up before login in. To sign up on paypal you can choose 2 options. The first is for personal use. As merchant, you must select the 2nd option which is Paypal for business and nonprofits.

3 Paypal payments option to be the best

3 Paypal payments option to be the best

To begin, you must choose the best option for your website. Three different packages are available. From the free version to the 30$ version, you have to choose the Paypal merchant account which is better for your needs. If you make a lot of transactions by phone, mail or fax, we advise you to select the pro version.

How to create a Paypal account online ?

Sign up for Paypal payments standard

It is so easy to register on Paypal. In 5 minutes only you can enter all information about your company. After your email validation, let’s started.

Sign up for business account

Firstly you have to select your business type among 6 kinds of activities. Then, you can enter your email address and create a password. Do not forget to note your paypal password to be sure to remember it. You also have to choose 2 security questions and answers in order to be sure of your identity if you lost your password.

When you finish it, enter the captcha, you access to the information page.

Sign up for business account step 2

Then, you just have to fill in your companies’ information and your personal information. It’s advised to prepare documents to gain time. If you have all the information, you can register yourself on paypal in 2 minutes only.



Paypal professional fees

Paypal professional fees

The paypal payment system is costly for your business. But today your customers need this service to trust in your company. This cost is less expensive than the cost of losing customers.

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  1. Primula birkitt

    Im having problems with paypal taking money out of my husbands account and not mine.
    please advise

  2. Primula birkitt

    Im having problems with the account that my paypal is attached too, money keeps coming out of my husbands account and not mine.
    please advise




      I JUST WANT WHATS COMNING TO ME………………………………………….

  4. Barbara

    I would like to have Pay Later option removed from my account. Thank You

  5. michael mehas

    open new account

  6. Stuart M. Sheiman

    How do I delete one of the debit accounts to avoid ten bank charges . The bank reads each charge as an overdraft.

  7. Stuart M. Sheiman

    There appear to be two debit cards on my account. The older one is expired and my charges are read as overdrafts. How do I correct this situation?

  8. Antonio

    I just receives a message indicating that my account has been used without authorization by ip address 63.501.26.80. I need you to verify and give me instructions on what to do

  9. david reed

    cancel all my paypal accounts



  11. Shelly

    Email : I received an email from PayPal that says I have had too many wrong password log in attempts. I am being asked to go into the email and verify. Is this legit? Sounds like a scam to me since I have not had any problems logging into my account. I just want to make sure before I give out information.

  12. Frank

    Try to change : Try to change password but just sends me to a blank page????

  13. Raymond Kahoonei

    Aloha but i am going to open a tour company here in Hawaii but need a online service to take payments from credit card if you can help i will benefit from it please let me know what is your mid qualified is and what is your per transaction fee is thank you Ray My Number is also 808-772-8719

  14. perry

    i got a e-mail saying i sent 149.00 to someone i hyave no kledge of this please help

  15. Litchfield

    Someone accessing my account : I keep getting email alerts about Dennis Connie trying to take money out of my paypal account. How is this possible?

  16. Chris

    Double charges : I recently bought 3 ticket on Delta airlines and used my paypal to pay . I was just balancing my check book and notice that I was charged twice for each ticket .
    I would appreciate your help on this matter . I can be reach at 9**21 on this matter .

  17. Forrestt

    unauthorized charge : I received this email, was it generated by Paypal ?
    Hello, You sent a payment of $149.49 USD to *****
    Thanks for using PayPal. To see all the transaction details, log in to your PayPal account.
    It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.

  18. Thrailkill

    paypal refund : I was given a $93.71 refund from Online Shoes. Wil it be put back in my checking account?? I got a refund from an e-bay transaction and never got my refund. Thanks

  19. linda

    A email : hello Did paypal send this to me Im SENDING you the emailPayPal Security & Privacy
    Dear PayPal Member, Someone with ip address 149.2*.87 tried to access your personal account!
    Please click the link below and enter your account information to confirm that you are not currently away
    You have 3 days to confirm account information or your account will be locked.
    Click the link below to activate your account:

  20. JOE

    wrong claim/didn`t apply/or order : got this message today and its wrong I never order it.
    Dear PayPal member,
    You made a payment of US $39.00 for the following items:
    Skype 3 month subscription
    Payment Details
    Purchased From: Skype
    Receipt ID: 31*1
    Skype 3 month subscription
    Quantity: 1
    Price: US $39.00
    Subtotal: US $39.00
    If you haven’t authorized this charge, please Click Here and Open a Dispute to get a full refund.
    This charge will appear on your credit card statement as ‘Skype Purchase’.
    Yours sincerely,
    Please do not reply to this email. Email sent to this address cannot be answered.
    Copyright © 1999-2013 PayPal. All rights reserved.

  21. Mary

    Payment verification : How do I access a receipt informing me I paid my Pay Pal account?


    PAYPAL CHARGE : I received an e-mail about a puchase of a watch that I never bought. Please contact me.

  23. Nishioka

    paypal payment notification : I received an email notification of a payment to someone I don’t know. What is the procedure to stop the transaction to Shi Liang.

  24. joan roberts

    I do not have a paypal account why am i receiving messages in my email that you need more info?

  25. Paolo

    Refund : Some time ago, I spoke on the phone with one of your agents about a bad transaction I had involving paypal. I don’t have his name and he didn’t give me a reference number, but unstead told me to check back occasionally to obtain the status of my case. It involved a seller named “bonnettesauto” who sold me a misrepresented and faulty pulley for my 1997 Lincoln Town Car. I contacted the seller by email several times, to no avail. Paypal was supposed to intervene and help out, but so far, I’ve heard nothing. This transaction was last November (9th) for $39.95 and still I’ve heard nothing. Are you going to help or not?

  26. blattstein

    new credit card number : I’m trying to pay for an ebay purchase, but paypal is refusing to accept the new number. What is your phone number so that we can straighten this problem out. I have used paypal for many years.

  27. Brown

    paid twice for same order : I paid twice for the same order. Their website didn’t confirm so I went through
    paypal and my order was duplicated and charged my bank card 2 times. Which way would easier to stop 1 payment as I only want 1 order of supplies.

  28. Ramirez

    Letter received from Secure @ :
    Im not sure if this letter if correct of not. I actually think it’s a fraud but I mistakenly clicked on the link and don’t know the consequences so am looking for help.
    I received this letter as titled in the subject line and it reads as follows:

    Dear PayPal Member,
    Your Paypal Account has been short listed for useing BLACK LIST IP, please take a moment to review your active security services.
    We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Please understand that this is a security measure intended to help protect you and your account. We apologise for any inconvenience..

    PayPal Account Review Department

    Let me know what to do moving foward.

  29. Careycurtis

    Spam email : I have received this email – Is it spam or genuine?
    Your Account Have Been Suspended
    Proceed below to access your statement
    Log in to your PayPalcard
    failure to do might lead to the suspension of your account
    Thank you
    PayPal Security System

  30. George

    updating information on account : I DO NOT have a pay pal account and got an email saying I needed to update my information. My credit card was recently used fraudulently and I am afraid they are trying to use pay pal in my name. Please respond!

  31. Jones

    Account Access : PayPal will not allow me to access my account to make a payment.. It will not accept my password and I will not list my debit card.. I have my account for many years and it is backed buy a bank account only used for paypal.. I need to pay for a purchase and can’t..

  32. prhyer

    Return merchandisse : I have before gotten to my account to see purchases and amounts and how to return.
    I cannot find my paperwork and want to return items.
    However when I go to is does not accept my email, which has not changed.
    show me how to get to my account so i can get invoice info and shipping inst.
    thanks for your help

  33. Brettschneider

    Question : I received our bank statement and is charged Paypal on 3 January for $75.00. I don’t remember buying anything on Paypal, and I’d like to track that expenditure and see what it was for. Please help me find out how to get to an account. I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought something online, so I don’t remember any passwords or anything like that. I guess I need help accessing my account. Thank you for any help you can give me to find out about this and see how to get in to the account. Technologically, I’m not good with the computer. Thank you

  34. long

    Merchant account sign up : Please delete this account as I have found another more acceptable.

  35. Hester

    Nomorerack : Obsession ordered 18 Jan ’13 have not received.

  36. Hill

    Paid Etsy and they didn’t get it : I went to paypal and paid them $5.96 but they say they didn’t get it. Gave my new credit card ending in 0246.

  37. Singh

    Payment : I amtrying to pay cellorunlock. Net through PayPal it doesn’t not let go through . Please check but is the problem. Thank you

  38. Evelyn ruppe

    I resinged up on my account about a week ago and i was suppose to have my bank account checked you have not made a deposit into it yet please check email id pp829

  39. Leslie Childs

    I need to get all charges that has been applied to my paypal account. How and where can I get this information? Please help


  40. Leslie Childs

    I need to review all charges that has been charged to my paypal account. How and where would I get this information from? Please help


  41. Peggy

    Problem : I’m trying to chg something with paypal
    (as I did a few hrs. ago) & now it won’t allow me to. Should I not buy the item?!

  42. Gardner

    Unable to acces my account : I am unable to access my account. My recollection is that I used my PayPal account in December 2012 and now I am unable to log on. Please advise me.

  43. wright

    Billing inquery : my pay pal semms not to be working
    wondering if it needs up dated

  44. Catherine Standerford

    Cancel my membership Please two transactions not ordered Grammerely correct and Kingsdale

  45. MarjoryvShipman

    Can’t get my balance

  46. Ryan

    Sign up to view card statement on line.

  47. Nellis

    Outgoing mail when traveling : SOS I’m traveling – I can receive messages but I can’t send them- so please tell me….
    Where do I go on TW Cable page to send my outgoing messages.?

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