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Reach quickly and in a secure way, to the information concerning your parking ticket on www.njmcdirect.com. All stages of this simple and fast process presented here in a very detailed way to make you the task easier.

Your parking online.


NJMC traffic

Welcome on www.njmcdirect.com

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To have access to the information concerning the term of a payment order or to pay your ticket on NJMC you will have to connect to the homepage of the NJMCdirect. You will have on this page a small message of welcoming which will contain information and cards which you will need to obtain the wished service. It is about:

  • Parking or traffic ticket
  • License plate number

Pay your traffic ticket on njmcdirect

To learn how to pay your ticket online, we made a little video helping you. We hope you will find all information you need to make your payment easier. Play the njmc movie now: [jwplayer mediaid=”1844″]

What do you need ?

NJMC online payment

See when you can pay your ticket

You necessarily have to be in possession of these two things before continuing. The message will also indicate you the payments means accepted on the site and which to make if necessary of further information about the ticket. So, if you have your Parking or traffic ticket and your License plate number under the hand you will just have to click the button “continue” placed just below the message of welcome. A new page will display then in your browser. In the center of this new page an electronic ticket with which you will have to fill fields. It is about fields:

  • Court ID
  • Ticket Prefix
  • Ticket Number
  • License plate Number

Identify your traffic ticket or time payment order.

NJMC time ticket

See how to pay your time ticket.

In the field “Court ID” you have to enter the identification code of the court of your municipality. This information is on your traffic yet parking lot ticket and it is a 4-digit code. Then you have to enter three letters of the prefix of your Ticket the field “Ticket Prefix”. Then you will insert into the field “Ticket to number” the number of your ticket. It is a 6-digit number. Finally you will put your license plate number in the field ” License plate Number “. Once all the filled fields you simply have to click the button “to continue” placed after the ticket and the tour is played. No more and no less. NJMCdirect, the best means to have online information about one’s ticket of traffic.

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  1. mike

    i got a ticket for driving in the left lane iand i wanted to find out how much it is i was in a semi

    1. jeyaccount

      Hye Mike,

      To know how much you have to pay, just fill in fields on this page: http://njcourts.judiciary.state.nj.us/njmcdirect/atswepr2/ticket/search/entry.do?

      You have to take numbers of your ticket.

      Have a nice day.

  2. Imtiaz

    I’m having the same experience as the prior people here !! Can’t pay my ticket on this website !!!
    I’ve done it before 2 years ago w/ relative ease I believe on this website !!

  3. Harry Gordon

    trying to pay a traffic ticket

  4. nita

    this is the worst site ever, its not allowing me to pay my ticket!!!

    1. jeyaccount

      Hye Nita,

      Could you give us more details? Where are you come from? New Jersey?

      Thanks a lot.

  5. Will

    I don’t understand how your online payment is down and you don’t have a warning on your website. Im trying to pay my ticket and move on with life

  6. Mehta

    I can not open the where I can pay traffic ticket. Please guide me.

  7. luis

    I really want to pay my ticket

  8. Fran

    I can’t believe that a person can not pay their ticket at anytime , but, only at specific times ??? what is the difference, it’s automated isn’t it? Just don’t pickup the delivery until the next day when you are ready …….
    If for some reason someone is paying late return and add the appropriate fee.

  9. Dan

    The website to pay online is down. Please fix it so I can pay this thing.

  10. Jerry Keith

    Like to pay New Jersey ticket online

  11. David A. Strong

    Hi I dont see how to pay the ticket on this page

  12. Thomas

    I got pulled over and given a ticket by state police for seat belt violation. The officer wrote down on a small piece of paper a phone number to call and pay the ticket. I’ve tried to pay on line but I don’t have a prefix, court id# to fill out the form so I can pay online. Does anyone know how to get help on the internet for court ID? I can get thru at the police dept. because you only get audimated phone service.

  13. aron schwartz

    aron wons to pay hes ticket