LPL account view

Did you know that with an Lpl account view, you can manage your financial investments online 24h/24h? Well this is doable on

For an Lpl client account view, simply follow these instructions.

How do I get an account to view Lpl?


Home page LPL

Click on sign up to begin with your view account

LPL financial account view login through the creation of identifiers that will allow you to connect directly online.

Indeed, to access the site and open his Lpl account view, then it should start by going to the site by clicking on this link my lpl account view.

Then, do click on “sign up” and a new page of your search engine will be launched. Go to this page open and you could see the field that will allow you to register your account on “sign up for account view“.

Make click over and read the information carefully and note them before you click “continue”.

Once this is done, the next step is to read the terms and conditions of use of an account and click “I accept the terms and conditions” and then on “continue“.

Sign-up LPL

Create your view account now!

Once the link is displayed, you can now begin to fill the form with accurate information about you and taken your accounts that you want to attach to your current account customer lpl.

Do not forget to validate your account application form for registration that you are taken into account.

How to activate your account after registration online?

If you read the information available on the site before the start of the online registration, then you will know what to do. However, here are the steps to follow to activate your online account.

Once you have confirmed your registration, an email containing a letter to activate your account will be sent to LPL Financial.

In those very detailed information, you have your activation code. Then, sign in with your new login Lpl account view. Then, with the instructions to the letter activation, you will do exactly this:

  • First click on “activate
  • Next, Enter the activation code in your email available
  • Finally, click “submit“.

Follow these instructions properly and you will have immediate access to your account and all benefits associated with your account to LPL client account view.

Therefore, to connect online, simply fill in your login details in the following topics:

  1. Username
  2. Password

And finish by clicking “sign in“.


Caution:  To more secure your financial information, it is strongly recommended to account holders to view LPL to change their password periodically pass. He should be practically difficult to decipher, so think of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers at the same time.

With a current account you LPL a default configuration of your accounts.

Organize your bank accounts portfolio through a single account.

By creating an online account, you have the possibility follow and perform all your investments online safely. Indeed, in holding an account, you absolutely hold u investment portfolio due to the fact that all your accounts are linked by default.

Need to open two or three times to account. Just open your account view you with Lpl and have access to all your financial information at any time.

I forgot my login, what should I do?

Forgot password account-view

To reset your password, you need to remember your LPL username

If you forget any of your login, there is no cause for alarm. To solve this problem of Forgot Username, you simply contact the local office of your state and you will recover in a very short delay.

In addition to other concerns, due to a technical problem, you can contact the site

Technicians will help you quickly solve your problem directly online or depending on the complexity of the problem, you fill out a form with a clear description of your concern.

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  1. Jane

    Please email me this is the third time I have tryed



    1. jeyaccount

      Hye Jane,

      We have just one advice, call LPL Financial at the following phone number: (316)383-1871

      You can explain your problems here, we’ll try to give the right answer.

      Have a nice day

  2. Jane

    I am trying to speak to someone about my account the line has been busy I can not login it seem too be frozen what do I do now????


  3. fred ries

    I want my account cancled I only wanted a free trail