How to delete a yahoo account

Yahoo recently suffered many attacks of piracy, so for this reason you decide to close your account. So, how to delete your Yahoo account permanently? Here are the steps.

You want to close your account permanently, so follow these instructions to the letter.

What should you do first to terminate Yahoo account?

Yahoo signin

Before delete your account, you have to login

Go to the login page of Yahoo by clicking this shortcut yahoo account. Once you are on the page, do not log into your account, click but earlier on “I can’t access my account“.

The interface will be launched using and follow the steps to learn how to delete a Yahoo account.

Two options present problems to you. Choose according to the problem to you:

  • Password problems
  • I think my account has been hacked

For your case, you want to delete your Yahoo account permanently, so opt for the second option. Then continue by clicking “Next“.

What you should know before making the decision to delete your account.

Password recovery

Be sure to don’t be hacked

When you find that it is your account that has been hacked, Yahoo allows you to change your password in order to obtain more security for your account.

You will then just have mentioned your email without password. Then it will do more than change your password.

But, if you hold still delete your account, then you should know before fill in the information requested, the termination of your account immediately causes the deletion of all your information in your mailbox.

This means that your contacts, emails and other personal information will not be accessible by you. If it is clear to you, then enter your password and enter the Captcha code and continue by clicking “Finish this account”.

For the rest, you will be directly redirected to the confirmation page that your account been deleted.

However, you receive a stay of 90 days before Yahoo deletes your data completely. Exceeding this period, your account will be deleted Yahoo.

For people who have a mobile phone, here is the procedure for deleting your Yahoo account on Iphone.

Yahoo Iphone

You can also delete your account from your iPhone

Looking desperately on how many sites the solution to your problem, but hardly finds a solution.

Each year a new version of Iphone mobile out on the market, the year 2011 is more than this year, as well as Yahoo, then know update your information.

In fact, your mobile phone latest generation allows you to access your different email without you connect to a computer.

In this case, to delete your Yahoo account on Iphone just follows these instructions. Start by turning on your mobile and put your cursor knew the option “Unlock” to view your profile page.

Then press “Settings” and doing pass parameters to e you find the option “Mail, contacts and calendar.” Choose mail and press knew the yahoo icon that is in the parameter “accountable“.

Finally, press “delete account” and complete your account will be deleted on your mobile.

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